Azores Islands – Hopping For Renting Vacation Around the Azores Islands

Azores Islands - Hopping For Renting Vacation Around the Azores Islands

Portugal is a country that has an estimated 10 million people. This varies from people who live on the main European continent or the Azores and Madeira islands home to some of the best villas in Portugal.

Azores islands

The Azores islands are considered to be the most beautiful islands on earth. They are situated in the most western part of Portugal and fact, the Azores islands Flores and Corvo lie on the North American plate. There are nine islands in total each with their distinct flavors and differences.

Sao Miguel

Sao Miguel island is called “The Green Island” by locals which a testament to the vast land that covers the island. It is the most populated island out of all the Azores islands with most of the populous reside in Ponta Delgada “the heart of Azores.” Sao Miguel has the Caldeira das Sete Cidades which is the biggest freshwater lake of the Azores islands. It is a perfect place to clear your head, whether it’ll be a short term rental or if you have had enough and want to settle down in a privately owned property.

Terceira island

Terceira island is the next biggest island and is the oldest island out of all the Azores islands. It has a protected nature reserve which many visitors go to which is partly the reason why it is called “The lilac Island”. At the Beginning of Summer to the beginning of Autumn, the city plays host to the running of the event of the bull almost daily throughout the whole island. For those that aren’t up for that but still want to keep with the festivities, they also have a bullpen in which traditional Portuguese style bullfighting is held. Terceira Island was the third discovered Island which is where its name comes from as Terceiro means Third in Portuguese

Faial island

Faial island also is known as Ilha Azul when translated means “The blue island.” This is mainly because hydrangea hedges can be found all over the island. The main attractions on the island are in Horta town. The Capital city of the island, which is famous for its Yacht harbor and luxurious apartments which has some of the most beautiful villas in Portugal. Visitors often go to soak up the sun on the unique black sand beaches.

Pico island

Pico island is known as “The Mountain island” mainly because it has the highest mountain in Portugal. They say its an island with ever-changing scenery and that it has the best swimming spots out of all the Azores islands. Its also known for its Whales and Dolphins observation, there you can see up to 20 different species including ones that are on the brink of extinction.

Sao Jorge

Sao Jorge is called the island of fajitas, fajitas are flat forelands that formed by lava flowing into the ocean and landslides and Collapsing oceans. Although most Azores islands have this, Sao Jorge is the one with the most with 46 in total and it is because of the fajitas why the island is accessible. On one of the fajitas is the Faja da Caldeira do Santo Cristo, which is a nature reserve with an underground cave and a lake and is famous for its clams.

Santa Maria

Known as the Yellow island Santa Maria has a slightly different climate than the rest of the Azores islands you could say it has different characteristics from the whole of Portugal. The weather is usually dry. Another reason it is called the Yellow island is because of its white-sand beaches and rock pools. Santa Maria was the first island to be colonized, has had little volcano activity and few earthquakes so there are quite a few historical buildings that have been preserved.

Graciosa island

The first Hotel on this island was inaugurated in 2009, this is part of the new initiative to build infrastructure connected to the tourist economy, a new Praia fishing port is also a part of this. It’s called “The White Island” because of the light-colored rocks on the south coast. Landmarks of the island are the Dutch styled windmills, which have declined in numbers thanks to the renovation of the island there are now only four that remain and are in working order.

Flores island

Vastly known as “The Flower island”, as it has wildflowers that you would mainly find in Florida. This makes it a unique and beautiful island not only in Portugal but in all of Europe. This is thanks to the location being on the American continental shelf and birds migrating from Florida with seeds. Flores has twice as much rain as the other islands which help the vegetation and often leave the island with an eye-catching rainbow.

Corvo island

It is considered Europe’s most isolated island as its furthest away (along with Flores) from the Azores and is also the smallest island out of them all. The country only gained electricity in 1963 and first got telephone cables in 1973. The Azores islands nine different pieces of land while separated are just as together as the mainland country of Portugal. But yet they all have their distinct feel which is why they’ve all got nicknames that reflect on the nature of each Island.