IPhone Essential Travel Application

IPhone Essential Travel Application

At a certain moment, I would guess that about half of the population dreams of going to an exotic place. And, with holidays – and vacation times – just around the corner some already have plane tickets. Regardless of where you go and what you have planned, the iPhone is the perfect travel companion: concise, full of features with applications for almost anything. If you are making travel plans, stop by the App Store and download this important travel application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

TripAssist by Expedia: Before you can enter the sky, you must book a plane ticket. Luckily, Expedia, together with experts who don’t need to find cheap airline tickets, came to the rescue with TripAssist. This application performs many of the same services that you find on the Expedia website: users can compare prices and book flights, hotels or even rental cars. However, the use of TripAssist does not end there. The application will also send alerts to remind you of your flight or to notify you of delays or schedule changes. If you want to change your reservation, TripAssist can do that too, often at no additional cost.

Tripit Travel Organizer: Keeping track of travel plans and other travel documents often causes headaches. Tourists must think enough without having to worry about finding connecting flights or finding alternative routes if they, heaven forbid, miss flights. This is where Tripit, a critically recognized travel plan application, comes in. Wherever you book flights, all your travel info can easily be imported into Tripit by simply forwarding the confirmation email to the @ package. Tripit will manage everything, including frequent flyer miles.

Lonely Planet Travel Guides: Finding a good travel guide on an iPhone can be tricky. Lonely Planet has simplified the process by making their entire library of travel guides and phrasebooks accessible as an in-app purchase from within this one free application. This means users don’t need to search by city name and check a long list of results. Plus, Lonely Planet is arguably the most trusted name in travel. Known for their insider information and clever and accessible writing, this guide will tell you what you need to know.

iMovie: This would not be a vacation without home movies and a always sentimental family fun montage. The iPhone 4 can even record videos in HD, so the traveler’s camera needs are regulated. Better yet, with iMovie, it’s now possible to record, edit and share movies, all on the iPhone. iMovie allows users to cut and organize recordings, and even add music soundtracks before uploading to YouTube or sending emails to friends and family at home. Home away from home has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Travel Interpreter: If your trip takes you out of your grandmother’s house and into a new country, then don’t get on a plane without a translator application for your iPhone. There are things worse than finding a small room and not being able to speak the language. OK, maybe that’s overkill, but the point remains that the iPhone translator is a great addition to a traveler’s suitcase. And, Travel Interpreter is one of the best.