Top 5 Beaches inside the Philippines – According to Me

Top 5 Beaches inside the Philippines - According to Me

Tourists flock the Philippines due to the beaches, come hell or high water (or terrorist threats). And who can blame them? Tourists will get the best white-sand beaches at the cheapest costs. I’m not a good deal of beach bum (5 minutes in the sunshine and I develop into toast), but I love the subsequent beaches for beauty:


People may say it’s overrated as it would be easily the most famous beach in the country. But I say that the best place deserves each of the praise that comes it’s the way. The fine pristine sand stretches over the whole tourist side with the bay. The sand slopes gently; no sudden drops while playing within the water. There are lots of water activities waiting to become done. Shops, restaurants, hotels, and also other friendly business establishments line the beach. There is a good strip mall within the hub from the beach! The water seemed magical in my experience; warm in the event it was drizzling, and cold in the event the weather conditions are too warm.


The white beach in Panglao Island, Bohol is the one other favorite of mine. But I love the dolphins there greater than the beach itself! You can rent a speed boat for their fee. The boatsmen will cheerfully lead you to spots the place that the dolphins are. It’s so much fun watching them use each other, and in many cases having fun with the boats along with the people inside.

Puerto Galera

Great for any spur-of-the-moment getaway from Manila could be the White Beach in Puerto Galera. It’s sort of a lesser version of Boracay. The night our life is as active here as in Boracay.

Samal Island

This is a superb destination to visit with families, in addition to friends. The fine pristine slopes gently here, too. As an added precaution, the tourist sections are fenced far from the deeper parts of the water. Plus, water is really clear; you can observe fish swimming around your toes!


There are lots of beaches among the islands of Marinduque. One in the popular beaches there exists called White Beach. But my favorite will always be one in the beaches from the Tres Reyes (Three Kings) Islands. The shore consists purely of beautiful shells! In my opinion, this is one of the hidden jewels in the Philippines. Travel information can sometimes end up localized, and this place has not yet received much publicity.

Here ends my top five list of beaches within the Philippines. But don’t take my word for it! Also, you could like other beaches more; consider getting just as many Philippines travel tips as possible and start checking out the country soon!