Dublin Travel Guide For Tourists

Dublin Travel Guide For Tourists

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is a city full of vim and vigor. It always sparkles with dynamic night spots and vibrant celebrations of all kinds.

Museum National Museum of Ireland is one of the best tourist attractions that Dublin has to offer tourists. The Museum of Modern Art of Ireland is an example of art in Ireland; the perfect embodiment of imagination combined with the history of its origin. The Dublin Writers Museum and The Bram Stoker Museum are also good choices if you like history and thirst for comprehensive knowledge.

Sensational Parks

National Botanical Gardens is a shining example of awe-inspiring green grass, phenomenal flowers and the diverse variety of plant species that have been accommodated in this wonder garden of sorts. Tranquility, serenity and peace are what you will experience once you are inside the parks and gardens of Dublin. Phoenix Park is another prominent park that adds a feather of glory to the already honorable reputation of Dublin.


The most eminent shopping street of Dublin is Grafton Street which is exceptionally famous with shoppers of a diverse range of interests. Brown Thomas is a very overpriced but even then, a renowned department store which mainly focuses on international brands and markets. O’Connell Street and Henry Street are two major other shopping areas that have proven to be a winner with most of the tourists who are fond of shopping.

Clubs, Pubs and Bars

Dice Bar and The Bailey are one of the trendiest bars, combining the appeal of the school with a bit of musical maturity, thus becoming one of the best hits with a crowd of young and old alike. Foggy Dew is also popular with a variety of people; anyone can go there to drink or make friends. The Academy, Twisted Pepper and Tripod are the most visited nightclubs in Dublin. If you really want to see the wildness of the people of Dublin, then this is where you should be.


Dublin is accessible by sky, water and road. Because of which you can opt for a plane, train, bus or even a car to reach to this city of bustling excitement. You can choose any alternative that is financially feasible and suitable for you according to your personal preferences. If you are interested in enjoying water then choose the boat option. If you want to enjoy the beautiful view from the beautiful streets then you can choose whatever road option you like. Inter-city transportation mainly relies on public transportation such as trains, but you also have the option to choose a car or taxi if you want to avoid the chaos caused by public transportation. If you are an enthusiastic pedestrian, then you can also choose the option to walk and see the allure around you. If for some reason you are in a sporty mood, you can also be satisfied with alternative bicycles.